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In the United Kingdom, according to a survey, the average spend minimum spend on a wedding gift is £24.70 and the average maximum spend is £111.46 The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom.The groom, Prince William, was second in the line of average amount for wedding gift 2012 succession to the British throne.The bride, Catherine Middleton, had been his girlfriend since 2003. As with every year, keep in mind that the average wedding cost is just that: an average dollar amount, which has been calculated by combining the total cost of tens of thousands of weddings, then dividing that sum by the number of couples surveyed In the United States, approximately 2 million people get married each year and close to 70 million people attend a wedding and spend more than $100 on a gift.

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"You don't only invite friends and family but, at times, the entire community from your hometown 24.03.2021 · Average cost of Christmas. Gift #6933. This is a very sophisticated scam average amount for wedding gift 2012 14.12.2013 · Gift Basket Dimensions .

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